Online CLAT Courses

Paradygm Law has always been a pioneer in the law entrance (CLAT ) training industry and having completed more than a decade with the standard classroom model (traditional lecture model) , we now are steering the company towards one more milestone – the team is now leveraging technology to reach students across India and overseas to help them with their CLAT / AILET exam preparation. We will no longer be limited by geographical boundaries. Our content and learner engagement will now also be delivered online.

We offer 2 options under this :

1.Paradygm Law Virtual Classroom - delivering engaging live online CLAT tutorial classes. This is an option to anyone who is looking for a classroom experience. The online classroom allows participants to communicate with one another, view presentations, interact with other participants through discussion boards, and engage with resources in the work groups. This kind of classroom allows both learners and instructors around the world to participate in live classes to collaborate and interact. Participants save time since no travel is required and all that is needed is an internet connection.

  • Call / Whatsapp+919886758354 for pricing and other details
  • Meant for students who are looking for online CLAT classes.
  • It’s a simple three-step process

2.Paradygm Law E-Course – delivering CLAT preparation content online. In this a learning management system (LMS) [a cloud based software system] will be used to deliver content to the studentover the Internet. While the students enrolled for this course will get all CLAT training related Ebooks / video recorded lectures on certain topics/online Short and Mock tests. They will have to pay extra if they also want to participate in the virtual classroom in item 1 above.

  • Call / Whatsapp+919886037005 for pricing and other details
  • Meant for students who are looking for online CLAT material/ tests.
  • It’s a simple four-step process

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