Why Law?

Why Law?

Law is fast becoming the preferred career choice amongst students. India has a shortage of well-qualified lawyers. In response to this, the number of institutions providing quality education in Law has risen sharply over the last few years. In addition, Law graduates from top schools often start their career with salaries of over 10 lakhs per annum, which is significantly higher than that of IIT engineers or medical graduates. The number of aspirants for the CLAT has more than doubled in the last 5-6 years. Besides, law is a well respected profession and empowers an individual to also play a strong social role.

Is Law my best choice?

Are u a logical thinker who loves to debate issues? Can you think on your feet in a difficult situation? Can you communicate well? These are the skills required to be a successful lawyer. The Common Law Aptitude Test (CLAT) is designed to test these skills. This exam is based on the US LSATs (Law Scholastic Aptitude Test) and puts students through a rigorous testing process. Nearly 32,000 students appeared for the CLAT exam in 2014.

What are the avenues within Law?

Within law, you can chose to specialize in Administrative law, Banking & Finance Law, Civil Law, Common Law, Constitutional Law, Corporate Law and Criminal Law, to name a few.

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